How to sign up for ICQ

Updated: Dec. 28/2018
If you are not yet signed up you can join ICQ at and download the current version or it will also work with Pidgin which is a universal chat client compatable with ICQ amoungst others.

Signing up will require that you have a cell phone with SMS to activate your account. You'll have to:

Unfortunately there is currently no way to set up an ICQ account without having an SMS capable cell phone.

Also it only lets you set up one account per cell phone number.

If you are one of the lucky people who signed up with ICQ before this was a requirement and your ICQ account runs fine I'd recommend that you don't attach your phone number to your ICQ account. The reason for this is you may need to help a friend who doesn't have a cell phone sign up (one of my friends had to do this for one of my other friends so it does happen) which you can't do if the cell number is already used on an existing account.